Thursday 27 July 2017

Path guide: Microsoft launched an Android app for indoor navigation

Nowadays google maps is really useful to find exact places all over the world. but how can we find a single shop in a mall which consists of 100's of shops? Many of us are overcoming this difficulty especially when we are in a malls or shopping center, etc.

Microsoft launched a new android app called path guide for indoor navigation. it can be the very useful application for all the people.
Path guide
Path Guide
How does it work?
so how it works, Path Guide works on trails. A trail has to made by the user first so that can be pushed to the cloud and shared with others for navigation purposes. It uses the sensors already on the phone, from accelerometers (to count steps) to magnetometers (to sense the general area where one is starting). No need for GPS, wireless beacons or anything like that. 
Path guide works like
Path guide looks like
For example, If A person needs to go from the entrance of the building to a shop which is on the 4th floor. he can create a trace of his route to his destination using the path guide app. later on another user who is going to that shop will be guided by the path guide in real time and help them reach their destination.
Path guide works like
Path guide looks like
Similarly, shop owners can record paths for their shops from the entrance of the mall. It will be useful for the Users to trace the path for that shop on Path Guide app.

Path Guide is currently available only on Android
The app is currently in the starting stage and it has some main user issue like not able to run in the background, so we can't close the app to open other apps like texting someone to let them know that you're on your way.

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