Monday, 14 August 2017

Nintendo Football Games: FIFA 18 Nintendo switch release date & price in India

FIFA18 Nintendo switch is going to release in India on Sep 29, 2017, with the price rate of Rs. 3,999 only.
FIFA18 Nintendo switch
FIFA18 Nintendo switch
So the news is out, EA sports is going to release his next arrival of FIFA series "FIFA 18" in Nintendo switch, Which is going to be the best football game ever created for Nintendo gamers. And the best news is that is it releasing at the same time as the PS4, PS3, PC and Xbox One versions
FIFA18 Nintendo switch Handheld
FIFA18 Nintendo switch Handheld
Features Available for Nintendo switch:
You can play Single or Multiplayer, Offline or Online mode, likewise you can play it in Docked, Handheld, Tabletop, Local Multiplayer Connection with a variety of controller and display configurations available(1080p resolution when docked and 720p on the handheld), as well as split Joy-Con™ support or you can connect to your television as well.
FIFA18 Nintendo switch Tabletop
FIFA18 Nintendo switch Tabletop
Like all the latest FIFA series, FIFA 18 Nintendo switch also comes with FIFA Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Switch Kick Off, and Local Seasons. Biggest disappointment for Nintendo gamers is the last years biggest hit, FIFA’s first story mode, "The Journey" is continued by the second season, "The Journey: Hunter Returns" which is featured in FIFA 18 — but without Frostbite, it’s impossible for the story mode to exist in the Switch version of the game.
"The Journey: Hunter Returns" Not available in switch
"The Journey: Hunter Returns" Not available in switch
When and who is releasing the game in India:
FIFA 18 will hit the market on Coming Sep 29, 2017 
Amazon India is the EA’s exclusive retail partner and so they are the publisher for FIFA18 in India. 

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