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The left Right game | Podcast Reviews - Tech Stupidity

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be on a risky road trip with strangers where you just met hours back and a place that may not seem deadly but it is, one wrong move is all it takes for your story to end. Have you? Obviously not!

The left Right game | Podcast Reviews
The left Right game | Podcast Reviews

When you listen to The left right game podcast, You will be sucked into the world.. no. no, you will be sucked into their car. And you will be traveling on the road with many twists and turns combined with a very gripping story. Makes you feel why you are not playing this game in the real life. It's really good.

The left-right game is originally started as a series in the Nosleep subreddit written by Jack Anderson where it gained a major appreciation for creativity, writing, and story flow.  Then Qcodemedia overtook the project with Tessa Thompson as the main cast and also as a producer for the show with Automatik Entertainment.

There is no turning once you are inside the tunnel

As the fans know we can turn back after we crossed the tunnel, But you can't turn back once you started listening to this podcast. Spoiler alert for those who don't travel a lot.

The story starts with a car accident where the driver, Tom is severely injured in the accident where he receives some Audio files from his friend "Alice Sharman" who he is searching for months. after listening to the audio, Tom starts telling us the story where he is not the protagonist - his exact words. 

Alice Sharman is a paranormal journalist who is investigating the story of a paranormal game explained by rob which leads to an alternate reality. She joins up with a convoy of paranormal investigators led by Rob to investigate his claims. As Rob explains the rules of the left-right games which are plain and simple, just take the first left followed by the next possible right, and keep on turning. It's better if you start listening to The left Right game without knowing about many details.

Technical aspects of the show are top-notch, As it is backed by the production team of Qcodemedia, and Tessa Thompson has done justice to her role as Alice Sharman. The immersive sound makes the show more thrilling and improves the environment as most of the time you will feel like you are traveling with them. And the twist and turn on the shows make you want more. It's really a must-listen add it to your podcast playlist now.

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